Haydee Lee Scott

First Lady, Haydee Lee Scott is the Founder of Love Thyself First (LTF), a woman’s empowerment initiative that encourages women to live purposeful lives. LTF focuses on Self-love and the mental well being of marginalized women living in urban communities. Through LTF, Haydee Lee reaches women through several platforms: yearly women empowerment conferences (A Woman’s Celebration), panel discussions, community workshops, life-coaching and vision board events(Rock Your Dreams). 

Haydee Lee is a certified FDC Family Developer and her academic history stems from Borough of Manhattan Community College, The City College of New York and Bank Street College of Education. Her studies included Early Childhood Education, Developmental Disabilities, Family Development, and Human Services. Through LTF, Haydee Lee has established partnerships with many community based organizations such as Women’s Prison Association, CASES, The Department of Mental Health & Hygiene, YWCA and Gods Touch Healing Ministry International, The Confined Arts, and The Center for Justice at Columbia University.  
Haydee Lee has used her testimony of overcoming loss, anxiety, depression, abandonment, and domestic violence to encourage women to shift their mindset towards God by stepping out in faith, and stepping into purpose. As a performing artist, Haydee Lee participates in the theatrical play There’s Power in the Storefront. Her Character Desire is based on Haydee’s actual life and struggles with Mental Health. Topics such as depression, anxiety, death, faith and victory. Determined to bring awareness to strengthen families and communities similar to her upbringing, Haydee Lee decided to focus on mental health, emotional intelligence, and social emotional development in urban communities.

​Through public programming, Haydee Lee has begun the conversation on the importance of mental wellness, stigma’s surrounding mental health, and redefining what mental health care looks like in Urban Communities. Haydee Lee is currently launching a television network broadcast in partnership with Manhattan News Network (MNN) to encourage and motivate women to conquer and live their best lives yet. This TV show will showcase local talent, share amazing stories and conduct interviews that share the voices of women that have pushed past their pain and have transitioned into purpose. Haydee Lee is currently living in East Harlem with her husband Isaac Scott and children. She continues to develop women, children and families as she continues to create creative spaces, facilitate LTF and faithfully serves God.

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