This Dramatic Performance will encourage, uplift, and motivate families, men and youth to never judge where

God will touch them.

There’s Power in the Storefront will move your heart, make you laugh, cry and change your life. This live production will include singers, dancers, vendors, giveaways and community resources. God will show up and show out each time we perform. NO TWO SHOWS ARE ALIKE!!

This performance will follow the lives of everyday people who have found the strength to love and respect

themselves; people who have chosen to shine hope on others. The characters are broken, lost, and are looking

for love! They feel hopeless and have even experienced church hurt. They find themselves looking for a

smaller place of worship. This play will encourage believers and non-believers to never judge, There will also be an opportunity to learn from people who have persevered through physical, mental and emotional obstacles, such as domestic violence, depression, and imprisonment.


Dr. Rev. Mable Elliott

Love, Why, Faith & Obedience / Pastor

Geraldine Renee Smith

Ms. Jenkins

Imani Patterson


Jeremiah Taylor


Gloria Wolf


Kairi Chapman


Haydee Lee Scott


Rozette Mclean Chapman


Venessia Jones-Taylor


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